Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HaPPy BeSdAy MaK!!!!

 salam...halu readers..actually,this entry special dedication to my beloved mother..mak!!!!happy besday...her besday on I celebrate with her???huhuhu~~~sadly,nop..coz i could not go back home..but  I do wish her through the phone..i think she already satisfied..hehehe~~present???of coz I gave her a sweet right?..gagaaga~~~but,not an expensive present la..juz..hmm...secret and my sisters(k.ngah nad k.cik) collaborate give her that present..hope she happy with it..upps..i feel like sumthing weird goes around..hmm..what it is eh...OMG!!!for the first time i'm writhing my blog in english...muahaha~~~i know there are may be several grammatic error.well,i'm juz trying..huhuhu~~~btw,although i know my mom will not know about what i'm writing here but juz wanna to dedicate her happy besday mak and I love u so much...

aku berdoa semoga MAK sihat2 slalu dan dirahmati Allah sama ada di dunia@di akhirat..

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  1. i like this entry...moga mak panjang umo n d murahkan rezeki...